AB 341 Went Into Effect July 1, 2012

Green Spirit Award

Businesses participating in local community recycling programs have an opportunity to show their community they care! The new Green Spirit recycling award greenspiritlogois easy to apply for and will have multiple winners.

Guidelines for being recognized as a Green Spirit Program are as follows:

Voluntary: Programs must be predicated on the notion that the greatest level of participation will arise through voluntary action as opposed to one that simply presses compliance.

Focused on Overcoming Obstacles: Programs will be evaluated on the basis of whether or not they are designed to overcome a specific obstacle to recycling.

Creative: While an innovative program may be simple, the results can be profound because it addresses a challenge in a new way. Recycling projects that tackle challenges in new and creative ways will be identified as Green Spirit-worthy!

Unique: For a program to qualify for this award, it must be unique in the sense that it is not modeled on the efforts of a similar Green Spirit Program. Imitation is not the basis upon which a Green Spirit program is designated. Green Spirit Award winners will have implemented unique recycling programs.

Performance Based: Any recycling program worthy of recognition must have a core component of performance evaluation. Effective recycling programs will include an effort to evaluate performance and show results.

To apply for this prestigious award, Provide your Contact Information and we will send you an application packet.